Communication and Culture:MCOM 2174 

I believe that the most important part of advertising is the understanding of the target audience's needs and wants. In the projects done in class and in my  professional experience it is crucial to understand how communication practices and media can be define by culture, understanding this allows us to influence the target audience to a positive outcome.

The first project, is a poster made for a WTAMU event that hosted Dr. Sarah Cornish to speak about "Fashion on the Ration"  This poster was made to attract a specific audience of students and faculty. 

The other content was made during the spring 2020 semester for a local business, helping them create content for their social media understanding their target audience and what they most likely resonate with.

Based in Dalhart, TX. Pamela Ramirez works as a wedding, portrait and branding photographer in an authentic and real way to tell each client's story. Traveling to Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and beyond.

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